We Are Featured on iHollaback.org, StopStreetHarassment.org, and Cosmopolitan!

20 Jun

Happy Summer Solstice!

This summer we continue to fundraise and outreach for the YWCA Rape Crisis Center, Asian Women’s Home, and the global campaign for V-Day.  So far we have fundraised over $100 at Women Rising: A Night of Creative Empowerment II, and throughout the Student Success Fair at SJSU Frosh Orientation.

We look forward to meeting all of you through our future events and during the September auditions.

We are humbled to announce that we were honored through national and international recognition for our collaborative work with the SJSU Women’s Resource Center to address bystander prevention of sexual assault, violence, and street harassment.

We are featured on iHollaback.org and StopStreetHarassment.org thanks to Holly Kearl, activist, and writer.  Read more here and be sure to share the videos and link!    We were also featured in Cosmopolitan as the first place winner of Cosmo Fights Campus Rape.  View our RAINN Day flashmob video here:

We are grateful for the hard work of everyone that collaborated on the mural, video, room, and ongoing campaign of Hollaback San Jose: ending street harassment everywhere!
Thanks to Paritosh Joshi, Sharon Singh, Alessa Baldonado, Mirna Mendoza, Lauren Doyle, Eva Roa, Lindsay Sporleder, and Chara Bui for your help with the mixed media. Drawn by Yan Yin K. Choy.

This mural and the following videos were featured in the Hollaback San Jose: End Street Harassment Room in the 8th Annual Tunnel of Oppression, hosted by the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center at San Jose State University from Tuesday April 3, 2012 to Thursday April 5, 2012.

We have the power to end street harassment.

This spring break, we created a film with womyn bystanders and Yan Yin K. Choy’s spoken word, “You Wanted to See My Vagina: We Have the Power To End Street Harassment.”

Chara Bui also produced an animation video to End Street Harassment.

We also worked with male-identified allies to inspire bystander prevention, Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Womyn on the Streets of San José! .

We look forward to our future dynamic projects to prevent violence.  Thank you for all of support, and remember to use the hashtag #sjsuvday, #hollaback, #sjsuwrc, and #hollabacksanjose when you retweet, repost, or reblog our efforts.


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